I'm a 26-year-old software developer living in Wellington, New Zealand. I love working anything that involves mobile, a bit of scale and HTML/CSS, and exploring new approaches to problems.

I have a passion for technology based start ups and businesses, having attempted a few myself and from being involved with small companies that have grown quickly.

Proficient in the Microsoft stack, I am comfortable working with C#, SQL, ASP.NET, MVC, Windows Azure, HTML, JavaScript and CSS, to name a few. My quest for knowledge in the latest technologies never tires - I'm always on the lookout for the next "thing" and ways to improve processes and work.

Outside of the Microsoft stack I have extensive experience in the awesome world of NodeJS and MongoDB, having picked it over .NET for my two most recent products. To complement Node, I've spent the effort learning Grunt, SASS and other open source tools to extend my knowledge of what can be done.

I enjoy big picture thinking and debates - I'm not scared to bring new ideas to the table or get dirty implementing said ideas. Being part of a social team where conversation is free flowing and encouraged is important to me to both create friendships and to have an enjoyable workspace.

When I'm not sitting in front of a computer, my hobbies tend to move away from the technology world, generally to a more mechanical side.

I have always loved exploring how things work and figuring out how to improve them. Over the years I have owned a few project cars which I have lovingly rebuilt and cared for, from simple engine repairs to full paint jobs.

I have a keen passion for photography in which I have been mastering my skills and producing increasingly polished photos, and have been commissioned to do work for various parties.

I have always loved exploring how things work and figuring out how to improve them - from constructing ever larger Lego structures as a child and building my first computer as a very young teen, to buying and doing up a bright yellow 1977 Corolla a couple of years back for a summer project. I have a keen and agile mind and am always searching for new learning experiences.




2014 - Present

Mashing my love of photography, software development and business together, Shnappy has allowed me to build and grow a product that solves a real issue and that people love using. Moving outside of my normal comfort zone, Shnappy is built using NodeJS, Mongo and running on a Ubuntu Linux production environment which is continuous deployed and always up to date.



Senior Software Developer

2015 - 2016

My role at Raygun allows me to dive deep into big-scale-high-performance problems head on. Taking what I've learnt over the years and applying it to a process that deals with millions of data points everyday has proven to be both extremely exciting and challenging at the same time. My main focus has been on improving the processing workflow to increase speed and on integrating with various software solutions.

NV Interactive

Technical Lead

2013 - 2015

After a 6 year trip with Xero, I decided it was time to do something new - that something new was NV Interactive. We work with some huge worldwide brands building slick websites and applications. My role involved mentoring junior developers and working with project shareholders to come up with a technical solution to fit within a budget. Specialising in Umbraco and .NET development, this role allowed me to grow immensely as a developer. I focused on pushing new processes and technology into our workflow and had some big wins around continuous deployment and moving to Github.


Founder & Lead developer

2012 - Present

QuizBlaster is a multiplayer, everyone vs everyone quiz game that runs on Windows 8, Windows Phones, iPhones and iPads, and is powered by an Azure backend. Built over a few months at the end of 2013, and launched into the app stores soon after, QuizBlaster has continued to grow and expand. All three client versions are written in C# - the iOS version using Xamarin. The backend runs on Azure Cloud Services and makes use of table storage, queues and push notifications.



Software Developer

2007 - 2012

I started at Xero as a software developer in November 2007, immediately after graduating from Wellington High School. In that time I have worked on a range of projects - from the marketing website, importing hundreds of thousands of lines per day in the banking import environment, to the core accounting application itself. I built the original banking import system that automatically imported customers data into the accounting system. As part of that ongoing project, I also launched an internal management tool used by the banking team to setup and diagnose customers feeds.

Kustom Page


2005 - 2014

I wrote the very first version of Kustom Page over a two week school holiday in 2005. More recently, however, I have completely rewritten Kustom Page in ASP.NET, and launched it as a hosted solution that allows small businesses to quickly and easily get their business into the online world. I use Kustom Page to experiment with and learn new technologies, and to also learn how to run my own startup.


I attended and graduated from Wellington High School. Over my five years there I studied the core syllabus of English, maths and sciences, along with various computer courses and a well-rounded range of other subjects.



  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer: Web Applications


  • Certificate of Excellence - Year 13 Information Science
  • Certificate of Excellence - Year 13 Digital Media
  • NCEA Level 3 with University Entrance requirements met
  • Contributed to the Wellington Youth Tech Hui


  • Certificate of Excellence - Year 12 Information Science
  • Certificate of Excellence - Year 12 Digital Media 2005
  • First in class - Year 11 Information Science
  • First in class - Year 11 Digital Media



I first started programming when I was 12, after coming home from school one day and asking dad how it was done. I spent my teenage years building and fixing my own computers with whatever parts I could find lying around.

Building websites and web applications became my passion around 2007 when I was first introduced to the idea of them at Xero. I believe there's still lots of room for innovation in this space and still some awesome applications yet to be built.


I picked up my first "proper" camera in 2011 and haven't looked back. I focus on capturing images that people haven't seen before, even if it's a common tourist attraction.


(I can call this a hobby, right?)

There's very little that compares to travelling to a far away land and exploring their cities, food and culture for me. I've always dreamed of living overseas and immersing myself into another way of life. Right after school I started saving for a trip to Europe that included the USA, England, Spain and Italy. I have since returned to England another time in 2011. In 2013 I spent 3 weeks in the United States over summer exploring the Seattle and San Francisco areas.



Shnappy - The simple way for photographers to work with their clients.

QiuzBlaster - Global quiz game

Kustom Page - Websites made easy (No longer active)