A look back on 2013

While I’m not too sure where it actually went, 2013 is over and 2014 is here. So I thought I’d throw together a list of cool things that happened in 2013, in roughly chronological order.

  • Road tripped up North - I’ve seen more of the world than NZ, so it was pretty awesome.
  • Moved in with my girlfriend.
  • Went to Castle Point and camped in the car - was one of my bucket list items.
  • Left Xero after 6.5 years and started a sweet new job at NV Interactive.
  • Started learning NodeJS.
  • Went to Seattle and visited my family, then headed down to San Francisco to see girlfriend’s brother. Summer over there is amazing.
  • Drove in the States.
  • Got my new MacBook - I get really excited about things like this
  • Explored various areas around the Wellington region (eg Tunnel Gully).
  • Figured out how to take photos of stars.
  • Visited Sydney. Love that place.
  • Whilst the reasons for visiting aren’t overly cool, headed over to spend time with my family in Seattle for a second time this year.
  • Started learning Windows Phone and iOS development
  • Got first Windows Phone game published! And the iOS version isn’t far behind.

And I’m sure that’s not even half of it… Hopefully I can cram even more awesome stuff into this year.

2013 also marked a massive step forward in my thought process, which was awesome after a few tricky years. I realised that being happy is not a given, it’s something that I have to work on constantly, and that it’s up to me and no one else. I also realised that if I put my mind to things, I can actually do awesome things. And the rush from doing those awesome things is amazing.

I also met some awesome people last year - people who inspire me. People that I look up to. And people that are great fun. I’m greatful for everyone of you! And am looking forward to meeting more people this year.

So 2014, watch out, I’m coming for you, and I’m going to show you what I’m really capable of.